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Rockabilly In The New Millennium

Rockabilly has joined the ranges of deep-rooted musical subcultures in America. As with some other accepted music genres such as jazz, blues, bluegrass, and punk, a couple of core rockabilly bands are in a position to bring in typical but modest income, mostly by traveling and performing at festivals and …

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The Influence Of Buddhism On The New Age Movement

“The knowledge of each and every new age demands a new confession, and the planet appears generally waiting for its poet” On Could 25th 1880 the effectively recognized Victorian spiritual philosopher Madame Blavatsky and New Age icon and Colonel Olcott, took the 3 refuges and the 5 precepts from a …

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Leading UFO Researchers Confirm Christian View

A general consensus has emerged among serious, science oriented UFO researchers that a certain small percentage of UFOs are real and are not figments of anyone's imagination. Furthermore, it is well known that many individuals claim to receive messages from alleged extra-terrestrials aboard UFOs. The messages received from UFOs are …

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The Philosophy Of Negotiation

It is fair to say that we have been negotiating due to the fact birth. We began as young children, negotiating with our parents, household and close friends. When we have been provided selections such as 'if then else', we attempted to strengthen the situations by negotiating a greater deal. …

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Travel & Philanthropy

Summer's just about the corner and men and women are receiving prepared for their vacations. The count-down has begun for the initial day of sleep-away camp university students are returning dwelling other individuals are heading overseas for adventures. At 17 I moved out of my parents spot and spent a …

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