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Pros And Cons Of Futures Trading

Futures trading is amongst today’s most very leveraged, potentially lucrative monetary pursuits. It permits traders to create up their trading accounts speedy with only a tiny quantity of capital at their disposal. Nevertheless, if you take futures trading lightly, you could also wipe out your trading account in a matter of days. As a result, it really is essential to your trading results that you diligently educate oneself in futures trading, and trade only with a confirmed and strong trading tactic.

If you happen to be new to futures trading, it can be specifically complicated to make a decision WHICH contracts to really trade. There are a lot of alternatives! The most effective strategy would in all probability be to commence with the additional common commodities, till you have a far better notion of which contracts most match you and your trading.

The additional you know about the fundamentals of futures contracts and commodities like this, the far better your probabilities of trading results. With any sort of on line trading, there are a quantity of elements that you should really take into account. Right here are 4 of these elements, along with an assessment of how futures trading measures up:

1.) The Capital Specifications

In order to trade a futures contract, you will need to deposit an initial investment into your futures trading account. Presently, brokers need a minimum of $five,000, although some brokers are prepared to open an account with as tiny as $two,000.

2.) The Leverage

The leverage depends on the futures contract you happen to be trading and the contract worth. Each and every contract demands an initial margin. Right here are some examples for the most common contracts (as of January 2008):

E-mini S&P – as low as $500 to trade a $75,000 contract

(Leverage 1:150)

E-mini NQ – as low as $500 to trade a $45,000 contract

(Leverage 1:90)

E-mini Gold – as low as $400 to trade a $27,000 contract

(Leverage 1:67.five)

3.) Liquidity

Once again, the liquidity depends on the futures contract you are trading. Right here are some numbers:

E-mini S&P: about two,500,000 contracts/day

E-mini NQ: about 500,000 contracts/day

Euro Currency: about 200,000 contract/day

As you can see, the liquidity varies, and for that reason you Need to verify the volume of the futures market place you are organizing to trade.

4.) Volatility

You will uncover decent volatility in the futures markets. The higher leverage will enable you to make decent income, even if the markets move just a handful of points. Right here are some typical every day moves:

E-mini S&P: amongst 1% and three% per day

E-mini NQ: amongst 1% and two.five% per day

E-mini Gold: amongst 1% and two.five% per day

Euro Currency: amongst .five% and 1.five% per day

Preserve in thoughts that these moves represent about $500-$1,500 per day for every contract traded.


Futures markets can be really liquid, and the capital specifications are as low as $two,000. The leverage is at least 1:50, and there is decent volatility.

Futures markets are regulated and the spread is usually 1 tick (minimum movement of the contract). Commissions are ordinarily under $five per transaction. It is no surprise that a lot of day traders opt for the futures market place for their trading endeavors.

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